Knots and Burls to Bowls

3077 Old Muskoka Rd, Utterson, Ontario
knots and burls to bowls
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Knots and Burls to Bowls is the work of Don Thur, creator of wooden burl bowls exclusively crafted from Muskoka-grown trees. His functional art, one-of-a-kind creations, have been presented to many world leaders including Queen Elizabeth of Britain, King Harald and Queen Sonia of Norway, Presidents George. W. Bush and Barack Obama and all other world leaders who attended the 2010 G8 summit.

Dating back to the beginning of habitation, and the tradition of the woodworking trade, these works have a museum-like quality, an art-gallery integrity, yet a functional capability for any appreciative household. Don celebrates the advancement of native craft by transforming burls to useful vessels, from pioneer homesteads to the modern studio. The shape of the burl demands attention to the smallest detail of graining, the wood dictating to a large degree what the artisan can manipulate and what must be left to its own curious design.