The Muskoka Surfboard Co.

1001 Nithgrove Rd, Baysville, Ontario
muskoka surfboard co
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Simple, Family, Fun – the Muskoka Surfboard – inspired by the ancient Hawaiian alaia wooden surfboards and infused with a Southern California flare, the Muskoka Surfboard is a retro combination of waterskiing and modern day wake surfing. No boots, bindings nor expensive wakeboard boat, it is easy to learn and fun for the whole family! This is small wake, slow speed surfing – right off the end of your dock.

At The Muskoka Surfboard Co., they have tried to recreate that feeling of family fun with the Muskoka Surfboard. It is a hand shaped, all wood, towable surfboard for use behind regular ski or aluminum boats, personal watercraft or pontoon boats. Each board is hand crafted by Tracy at our shop in Baysville. Join the Muskoka Surfboard Tribe – purchase one today!