Wood’s End Studio

1205 Sparrow Lake Route D, Kilworthy, Ontario
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Wood’s End Studio is the perfect place for bird-carver John de Lang to create his exquisite award-winning pieces. The studio is tucked among the trees in a ten-acre scenic paradise, with charming gardens and a landscaped pond: an ideal backdrop for an artist devoted to nature. Fairytale houses on woodland trails offer magic to youthful spirits of all ages in The Enchanted Forest. Just a few of the settings are the Teddy Bears at their picnic; the Three Little Pigs tending their homes; Captain Hook’s Pirate Ship; Red Riding Hood and the Wolf at Grandma’s cabin; Goldilocks at the Three Bears’ Cottage; Sleeping Beauty awaiting her prince; Hansel and Gretel at the Gingerbread House; Cinderella heading off to the ball, and the fairies fluttering around their home in the big tree.

Admission to ‘The Enchanted Forest’ is by donation, in order to support the work of the Aspen Valley Wildlife Sanctuary in rehabilitating injured animals. The studio and forest are open by appointment only, or for special events that take place throughout the summer season. Please visit the website for current events.