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Voyageur Quest has offered Algonquin Park canoe and lodge based adventures since 1991. Our Algonquin Park 3 – 5 day canoe trips are a “best of Canada” Canadian Tourism Commission “signature experience” and focus on wildlife, camping, outstanding gourmet meals, superior guides and memorable campsites. Algonquin lodge based canoe trips, hiking and wildlife interpretation takes place out of our two eco lodges, the Algonquin Log Cabin and Algonquin Cottage Outpost. Both are located at the north west corner of Algonquin Provincial Park. Our Algonquin Island Retreat, a tiny private island with a cozy cabin, is the ideal escape for couples. Our guided program is what make our Algonquin park canoe trips and lodge adventures stand out. Award winning learning vacations showcase the best of Algonquin Park’s seasons and regional culture. Wake with the sun and paddle in search of moose. Enjoy backcountry gourmet meals cooked over a fire.

8 Day Algonquin Park Canoe Trip (offer valid August 20-28, 2017)
Get deep into Algonquin’s interior on this classic 8 day Algonquin park canoe trip. Paddle a mix of large lakes and meandering rivers as we paddle from Algonquin park access # 1 across the top of Algonquin to Cedar lake and the old town of Brent. This trip features the first night at our outfitter and lakeside cabin. Slow down, decompress, enjoy a floating sauna, BBQ dinner and good night’s sleep before departing at sunrise for the 7 day canoe trip. Our pace is relaxed with lots of time to explore, fish and photograph wildlife. Don’t worry about experience. As long as you can be active for up to 4 hours a day and have a hunger to learn, you will enjoy yourself! Come by yourself or bring a friend. These canoe trips feature a small group with a maximum group size of 6.

Cost is $1,595 ($1,196 US) per person plus HST and includes: seven nights’ accommodation (one night cabin, seven nights camping, meals (dinner day 1 to lunch day 8), all equipment, park permits and services of a wilderness guide. Cost does not include: HST, personal clothing, transfer from Toronto – return transfer from Toronto is available for $195 plus HST per person. For more information, contact Voyageur Quest 1-800-794-9660.

14 Day Crossing Algonquin Park “14 day Epic Canoe Trip Adventure” (offer valid August 21- September 3, 2017)
This 14 day epic canoe trip offers the ultimate Algonquin Park canoe trip adventure. Paddle across Algonquin, from the western boundary, across the big lakes of North Tea, Manitou and Cedar before canoeing down the white-water of the Petawawa River to the eastern edge. If you look at an Algonquin Park map, you will see this water route from Algonquin access # 1 across to Cedar lake and down the Petawawa to Mcmanus lake is a natural water way across Algonquin park. Following the glacial melt of 10, 000 years ago, the 14 day trip has two distinct sections. The first seven days are flat-water canoeing on gorgeous Algonquin park lakes and small windy rivers. Pull out your fishing rod and fish for trout. Get close for outstanding pictures of moose , loons and beavers. The second week picks up speed with white-water canoeing down the class 2 and 3 rapids of the Petawawa. This epic canoe trip adventure requires a comfort in the wilderness and some canoe experience. Learn and/or refresh paddle , moving water and portage skills along the way. The campsites are beautiful. Swim in the clean fresh water. Enjoy back country gourmet meals cooked over a fire. The trip is participatory by nature.

Cost is $2,895 ($2,171 US) per person plus HST and includes 13 nights camping accommodation, meals (lunch day 1 to lunch day 14), all equipment, park permits , services of a wilderness guide. Cost does not include: HST, personal clothing, transfer from Toronto – add return transportation from Toronto for this adventure for $250 plus HST. For more information, contact Voyageur Quest 1-800-794-9660.

Algonquin Park Bus & Cabin Adventure (offer valid Friday-Sunday, May 19-September 10, 2017)
No car? No problem! Head north to Algonquin Park for a weekend of adventure and exploration on our Algonquin Park Bus and Cabin Adventure that leaves from downtown Toronto to Algonquin Park. Leave Toronto on our own VQ Algonquin Park Bus for an Algonquin Bound Cabin Weekend Adventure and arrive at Algonquin Park Access Point #1 to canoe and swim in the clean fresh water. Learn or refresh some basic canoe strokes. Relax and unwind before taking part in preparing dinner cooked over a fire. Take in the millions of stars bonfire side before signing out for the night in comfortable Lakeside Cabin or Bunkhouse Accommodation on Kawawaymog Lake.

Cost is: $395 ($296 US) per person +HST and includes return transportation from Toronto, 2 nights Lakeside or Bunkhouse cabin accommodation, meals Friday lunch to Sunday lunch, canoe lesson, canoe, paddles, pfds, shuttles to hikes, floating sauna session, bonfire – campfire fun. For more information, contact Voyageur Quest 1-800-794-9660.

Following Tom Thomson (offer valid October 13-15, 2017)
Follow celebrated painter Tom Thomson’s trail by canoe to photograph, paint and explore the islands, rivers and streams of Algonquin Park’s north west corner. Relax and enjoy Algonquin Log Cabin hospitality including Chef Nikoline’s tasty meals served in front of the stone fireplace. Learn about Thomson’s connection to Kawawaymog Lake, the South River and his mysterious death in 1917.

Tom Thomson’s paintings and travel to Algonquin Park’s north west corner have been well documented. Thomson was great friends with Tom Wattie, an Algonquin Park ranger who worked out of his camp on Kawawawaymog Lake and who was from South River. Thomson loved to visit his friend on Watties island and often paddled the South River to town for business and mail. Several paintings including The Tent and Mud Bay were painted from Watties island. This autumn weekend takes place during the late fall where we follow Thomson’s tracks to the sites of his famous autumn paintings of this area.

Cost is: $625 +HST per person and includes two nights log cabin accommodation, meals lunch day 1 to lunch day 3, guided interpretative program. For more information, contact Voyageur Quest 1-800-794-9660.

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