The Sweet Heat of a Spa Getaway in Winter

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The Sweet Heat of a Spa Getaway in Winter

EE Winter342From before the solstice on December 21 to its spring counterpart on March 20, the winter days between are the perfect time to warm yourself with a spa getaway to the Explorers’ Edge region of Ontario. There’s something about the snowy season that evokes a need to rest and repose, and just like the woodland animals that retreat to their cozy lairs to hibernate, the long months with the shortest days are, for some of us, a time to take it easy and chill out.  Warm yourself with a little self-care and self-indulgence this winter.

EE Winter328In addition to resorts, inns and day spas offering special packages designed to reset your inner balance and well-being, the many fine establishments throughout the Almaguin Highlands, Muskoka and Parry Sound are situated in some of the most stunning seasonal scenery you’ll find in the province of Ontario. The frosted forests, the vistas across thousands of frozen lakes, and the pure white snow that falls anew will heighten your senses and generate a feeling of calm and revitalization.

Add to that warming yourself by a crackling fire with a wonderful book or indulging in some fine cuisine, and you’ve got the recipe for an exceptional – and deserved – health and wellness break.

This winter, warm yourself with a spa getaway to Explorers’ Edge. The time is right.

Here is just a partial list of sensational spas in the Explorers’ Edge region:

** Open Year Round