Bo’s Authentic Thai Cuisine

79 Main St E, Huntsville, Ontario

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best dining experience or if you love experimenting with different cuisine; Bo’s Authentic Thai Cuisine provides it all. The vast array of dishes will have your mouth watering for more as it has you traveling through an amazing culinary journey. The distinct taste of Thai cuisine will provide a whimsical feeling of satisfaction when you’re finished dining. Bo’s only uses the finest ingredients including the freshest herbs, exotic vegetables, and thrilling spices. Our menu delivers the tastes you could normally only get from visiting Thailand.

Bo is the creative genius behind each and every one of the signature dishes on the menu. Many were only ever available to her closest friends and family members. With years of experience she has developed a collection of completely original recipes. Visit us on Main Street in downtown Huntsville, just across from the river.