Muskoka Waterbikes

300 Ecclestone Dr, Bracebridge, Ontario

Muskoka Waterbikes offers a safe and an eco-conscious water experience on the Muskoka River in Bracebridge with their floating waterbike rentals. These pedal powered vessels are fun for the whole family and leave no carbon footprint behind. Their elevated vantage point offers great views of your surroundings, while being stable enough to safely snap some pictures of your adventure along the way. They are even pet friendly with a sideboard providing a perch for your pooch!

Muskoka Waterbikes also rents a Megaladon SUP capable of holding up to 6 passengers, and offers a unique night rider experience as well with LED lights guiding the way on the waterbikes daily from 9pm-10pm. Everything you’ll need including PDFs, a safety kit and paddles (for the SUP) are included in your rental fee. For more details or to book your rental, please give them a call or follow the link provided.