Pie Wood Fired Pizza Joint

2641 Muskoka Rd 169, Torrance, Ontario

Pie Wood Fired Pizza Joint is bringing really good pizza to really good people! “Pie is the Ferris Bueller of Wood Oven Pizza Joints! Our Pies, Promos and in-store ambiance are designed to appease people of every demographic in all walks of life. Couple that with a world class pizza that never concedes to any compromise on quality and you have a sure bet for a remarkable experience of what our French friends call ‘le bon vivant!” – Craig Russell, co-owner.

Pie Wood Fired Pizza is cooked in a 3000 pound oven we imported from Italy. Heating up to 900 degrees, we’re able to cook up to 8 pies at one time in a matter of 90 seconds. Our dough is made fresh every morning and always stretched by hand.