Reelpro Fishing Charters

1039 Baldwin Rd, Bracebridge, Ontario

Reelpro Fishing Charters offers guided fishing charters to select locations in Muskoka, Georgian Bay and the surrounding area. All charters are designed to put our customers on that fish of a lifetime, whether its your first time catching a fish or your first 50″ trophy. Suitable for families and groups up to 5 people, we specifically target Trophy Muskie and Northern Pike, as well as Walleye, Bass and Trout fishing adventures. Some locations offer a chance at a number of different species. We practice Selective Harvest and will show you what fish will provide the best table fare, and techniques to safely release the larger specimens to ensure the health of our lakes and rivers for the next generation.

All of our charters are done in a safe and reliable fully equipped 22 foot fishing boat, with full top for protection from the elements. We are fully insured and our boats are Transport Canada approved and we equip and operate our boats with safety as our number one priority. Our second priority is to ensure a fun and enjoyable day on the water and to catch fish. At ReelPro we provide our clients with top of the line tackle and bait – both live and artificial, and we will show you proven techniques to put fish in the boat. We also use the latest technology in GPS and Sonar to ensure that we maximize your time on the water.