Veda Yoga

2-4 Manitoba St, Bracebridge, Ontario

Yoga benefits everyone at all ages, and when you combine it with its sister science Ayurveda, you have a blueprint for living a long, vibrant and healthy life. The ancient healing system of Ayurveda is woven throughout all of our modern-day classes, workshops and spa services, right down to the spice water that you can buy after class. All classes at VedaYoga are heated using the latest FAR infrared heating. Infrared ceiling panels emit a therapeutic heat, which offer a host of health benefits.


The Veda Yoga culture transcends the physical practice to dig deeper into the root causes of what holds us back. Imagine life as a wheel, with every spoke representing a different aspect of our lives. Some spokes over time might get a little ‘muddy’. Veda Yoga’s vision is to provide classes, consultations and treatments to purify, cleanse and strengthen your body physically and energetically.