Wendie Donabie

54 Entrance Dr, Bracebridge, Ontario

Both the vibrant and subtle beauty of Muskoka is captured in Wendie Donabie’s watercolour and acrylic paintings. She finds the process of transforming blank paper or canvas into a painting almost magical as if the paint is drawing forth images hidden in the fibres. Her goal is to produce images that inspire, uplift, bring joy and beauty into the world, touch the human spirit, and have the viewer share her experience of the paintings subject.

“My inspiration comes mostly from the natural world around me – afternoon sunlight captured by a grove of trees, an explosion of fiddleheads bursting forth from the stump of an old cedar, a hillside of trilliums looking somehow more like a convention of fairy-like creatures. A picture truly is worth a thousand words and painting allows me to communicate my experience of the world and life journey in a way that words cannot. Through my art, I aim to express the spirit and inner light I recognize in both animate and inanimate objects and my connection to them.”