Parry Sound is Open For Business: Summer 2018

The wildfire burning 75km north of the Town of Parry Sound is nowhere near this charming coastal spot on Georgian Bay. Come for a visit and see for yourself!

The wildfire that is burning in Northern Ontario is approximately 75km from the Town of Parry Sound and surrounding villages, posing no danger to tourists wanting to visit this gorgeous spot on Georgian Bay.

In fact, it’s business as usual in Parry Sound this summer, says James Murphy, executive director of Explorers’ Edge, the regional tourism organization.

“The fire named ‘Parry Sound 33’ actually refers to a northern part of the greater Parry Sound District riding and is used by Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) officials to denote an MNRF zone,” says Murphy. “It does not refer to the Town of Parry Sound nor the surrounding villages for an hour’s drive northward, and these places are neither affected by the fire nor the smoke that emanates from it. Parry Sound, Nobel, Pointe au Baril and Byng Inlet are all open for business.”

Andrew Ryeland, owner of Bear Claw ATV Tours in Parry Sound, represents hundreds of tourism businesses that are keen to clear up the confusion for travellers who may be second-guessing coming to one of Ontario’s favourite vacation destinations.

“It’s very unfortunate that there is a misunderstanding of where the fire actually is because this is one of the most amazing places to visit in the summer season,” he says. “Life on the bay and on the trails in and around the Town of Parry Sound offers tourists some of the best experiences they can have in the province. We hope people will come and visit this August, and they can be assured that there is no wildfire anywhere in the vicinity of the town or villages just north of here.”

Murphy notes that Highway 69 from Parry Sound north to the top of the district remains open as well. Though parts of the French River Provincial Park are closed for now, the Massaussauga, Killbear, Grundy Lake and Oastler Lake Provincial Parks are open for camping. (Check park booking availability)

“We invite travellers to join us in Parry Sound this summer and to visit one of the most beautiful and welcoming areas of Ontario. From the best fresh water sailing and paddling in the world, to fishing and boating, to exploring stunning vistas and trails, and to brewery touring and exceptional dining, you’ll find everything open for you to enjoy an unforgettable summer getaway.”

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Photos show:
The patio at Glenn Burney Lodge
Big Sound Marina
Trestle Brewing Company
The view of Parry Sound harbour from Tower Hill 

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