Snowmobile Touring in Explorers’ Edge – District 11 – Near North Trails Association

Updated November 23, 2020

The Near North represents snowmobiling the way it used to be. Legendary clubs and characters are everywhere in this part of the Explorers’ Edge region, with spots like Loring-Restoule steeped in the history of sledding in Ontario.

Pikes Peak in Explorers' Edge

Trails in this area will take you places only ever accessed by snowmobile – in summer months they are completely cut off from human activity. Here you’ll experience the feeling of truly being in a remote landscape, without being too far from the safety of civilization.

In addition to the Loring-Restoule area, the Near North Trails Association also encompasses the Almaguin Highlands region, including the town of Burk’s Falls (known for Midlothian Castle, the “Screaming Heads” monuments). All the villages of the Almaguin Highlands, from Sundridge to South River, from Magnetawan to Kearney – these communities love snowmobile crazy and welcome sledders with open arms. It’s hard not to drive down main street without seeing a pack of machines parked in front of the local restaurants!

Snowmobiling in the Almaguin Highlands

If you’re heading north through this part of the Explorers’ Edge region, you’ll likely see massive chunks of the Canadian shield poking out in especially picturesque forms when crossing frozen lakes.

There are also a few rivers and waterfalls that you’ll pass by on the trails here – great places to stop for a lunch break.

Don’t hesitate to contact the local clubs to check on your travel plans – these clubs take great pride in maintaining their trail system and want visitors to have the best time possible.

For information on other districts within Explorers’ Edge, on the RAP Tour, or for planning your trip, click below:

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