Snowmobiling in Explorers’ Edge: Club Recommendations

It’s no secret that, with its easy access from southern Ontario and with plenty of snow falling annually, the Explorers’ Edge region is hot spot for snowmobile fans of every calibre – seasoned travellers and adventurous beginners – who seek a sledding fix in winter.

Thanks to countless hours of hard work by the awesome club volunteers found within three OFSC Districts (7, 10,11) that maintain the snowmobile trails in Muskoka, Parry Sound, Loring-Restoule and the Almaguin Highlands, these routes have something for everyone, from stunning vistas to varying terrain, as well as exceptional accommodations and dining establishments along the way.

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So who best to tell you what to expect and look for when you’re touring the great Canadian wilderness just north of Toronto than the folks who know the trails inside and out?

Check out which trail Bill Park of the South Seguin Snowmobile Club believes is the “best on the planet.” (District 10)

Discover what routes Scott Gibson of the Six Star Snowmobile Riders recommends, including the “Blackfly Voodoo Loop.” (District 10)

Find out why Larry Horton of the Hill & Gully Snowmobile Riders Club thinks the trails are the best they’ve ever been. (District 7)

Get to know more about the northern-most trails in the Explorers’ Edge region of Ontario, with  Al Dare of the Argyle Snowmobile Riders Club. (District 11)

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For more information on snowmobiling in the Explorers’ Edge region of Ontario, click here.

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To plan your stay in the great Canadian wilderness just north of Toronto, click here.

Please make sure your sled is licensed, insured and is displaying a current valid permit from the OFSC in order to use the trails. Please use the OFSC Interactive Trail Guide to ensure the trails you’re planning on riding are open.

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