South Algonquin

Just outside the East Gate of Algonquin Provincial Park, discover South Algonquina diverse and unspoiled four-season wilderness destination where you’ll find a less-travelled path into Algonquin and avoid the crowds of West Gate. Explore the headwaters of the mighty Madawaska River that flows along the borders of this beautiful region all the way to Ottawa, or venture onto one of the many quiet lakes found here, which offer both solitude and serenity. Seek out unique accommodations – from waterfront resort stays to off the grid getaways – and immerse yourself in the landscape that surrounds you.

Plan a guided trip with knowledgeable staff at outfitters located in Whitney and Madawaska and join them to head into the woodlands that are home to an abundance of wildlife. Share in what inspires the local artists at the Whitney Village Market, learn about the rich logging history of the area at J.R. Booth Park, explore the expansive trail systems that traverse the region, treat yourself to a homemade meal from any one of the locally owned establishments here, and end your day with camera in hand while you enjoy some of the most spectacular dark sky viewing Ontario has to offer.

For more information on the region, visit the South Algonquin Welcome Centre in Whitney.