Watershed Wonders At The Muskoka Discovery Centre in Gravenhurst

A new permanent exhibit will thrill visitors looking to learn more about the stunning waterways of Ontario’s cottage country.

It’s no secret that Muskoka’s waters are the main reason for this region’s reputation as a world-class destination. With over 1600 sparkling blue bodies of water, the refreshing lakes here are what vacationers enjoy being in, on and around once the warmer temperatures arrive. Now a new permanent exhibit at the Muskoka Discovery Centre reveals exactly how our lakes, shorelines, wetlands, forests and everything within them continue to impress travellers, and what in particular makes these landscapes so very special.

The new Watershed Wonders exhibit features interactive learning opportunities about Muskoka’s incredible watershed – the specific area of land where water that falls or flows downward from Algonquin Park drains into our lakes and rivers, and eventually into Georgian Bay.

Within the watershed are fascinating species of animals, insects, birds, flora and fauna, and different human habitats too (from big towns to tiny villages). Everything in this particular geographic region is unique and, as the exhibit title suggests, will leave you full of wonder.

Experience over a dozen virtual screens that explore the complexity of the watershed, including its lakes, rivers, dams, wetlands, shorelines, forests, roads and communities.

Check out the spectacular virtual aquarium, a 96” screen that lets visitors ‘touch’ the fish swimming by while details pop up to explain about each species. You can also check out ships, beavers, otters and more living creatures that reside under the surface (but you have to be quick to tap on the slithering water snake!).

Additional features of Watershed Wonders include:

  • * An Eco-Friendly Shoreline that brings to life the places where land meets water
  • * A Water Management Game where players create a flood and then see its impact
  • * An Endangered & Species at Risk matching game
  • * A fun Tunnel Crawl with video imagery where you’ll discover what it’s like to be a fish or tiny creature living under the water near the shoreline

More to See & Do

After exploring the Watershed Wonders, consider a cruise on one of the historic Muskoka Steamships, which are moored nearby and tour cottage country’s beautiful lakes all summer and fall.

Both the RMS Segwun (which celebrated its 130th birthday in 2017) and the replica Wenonah II offer a serene and nostalgic way to explore Ontario’s most popular waterways aboard a selection of daily, themed, dinner and holiday cruises. Experience what life was like on Muskoka’s big lakes in the early 20th Century (and enjoy the iconic horn blasts!).

Also be sure to visit the stunning Murray Walker Grace & Speed Boathouse, North America’s largest in-water collection of antique and classic wooden boats, which is located at the Muskoka Discovery Centre as well. Get an up close view of some of the most impressive vessels in all of Canada, including the historic (and winning) speed boat, the Miss Canada IV.

For details on the Watershed Wonders exhibit at the Muskoka Discovery Centre in Gravenhurst, Ontario, visit their website or follow them on Facebook.

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