The 2012 – 2013 tourism initiative requires Explorers’ Edge to carry-out destination marketing and development activities (as described in greater detail click here) during the period April 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013.

This document (click here) outlines the key objectives, activities, deliverables and timelines, for which funding may be used and for which the recipient is accountable.

While Explorers’ Edge may use funds to help support or sponsor a project led by another organization that contributes to the recipients’ priorities and plans, funding cannot be used by the recipient to provide ongoing operational funding to other organizations.

Explorers’ Edge will coordinate the diverse interests of the tourism industry within the Region in order to build and support a competitive tourism region through marketing and  destination management. Explorers’ Edge will function in partnership with established and recognized tourism and economic development organizations plus other entities within the Region and move forward in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration.

By providing regional leadership and coordination, Explorers’ Edge will help build and support a competitive and sustainable tourism region that is able to grow all aspects of tourism and attract more visitor revenues, generate increased economic activity including investment and job creation within the Region.

Explorers’ Edge  2012-2013 Operational Plan Goals

During the 2012-13 year, the Recipient will focus its efforts and resources on the following Operational Plan Goals:

1.   Marketing and Promotion:
a)   Developing shoulder and off-season visits to the Region through strategic marketing initiatives.
b)   Grow existing and potential market segments using technology.
c)   Strengthen on-line transaction capability (ability to sell and purchase on-line).

2.   Product Development and Innovation:
a)   Offer product-development workshops.
b)   Incubate and improve the tourism capacity by supporting a variety of creative, entrepreneurial, community-based projects that promote self-sufficiency and overnight accommodations.
c)   Coordination/aggregation of existing tourism products and experiences throughout the Region.
d)   Create web-based routes and trails.

3.   Investment Attraction:
a)   Strengthen economic development links.

4.   Workforce Development and Training
a)   Develop an operator awards program.
b)   Conduct an assessment of tourism workforce needs and resources (develop and deliver programs if feasible).

5.   Governance and Operations (including Industry Communication, Liaison and Accountability):
a)   Maintain strong and effective organizational performance
b)   Strengthen ties with Industry.
c)   Conduct relevant consumer, market and product development research.
d)   Continue to develop and strengthen industry and organizational performance measures.