Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Corporate Policy


At Explorers’ Edge, we are committed to promoting diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) in all aspects of our operations and how we conduct business.  

We strive to ensure that everyone is treated fairly and equally, and will actively remove any barriers to equity and inclusion.  We are committed to continued learning and development as it relates to diversity, equity and inclusion, and to fostering an environment and a culture that ensures all staff feel included, are treated with dignity, and respect and have equal access to opportunities.  Our efforts to ensure that we promote and encourage DEI are further encompassed with our interactions with regional tourism operators, partners and stakeholders to foster a positive and sustainable community approach. 

Every individual who works at Explorers’ Edge has a responsibility to treat fellow employees with respect, to foster an environment of creativity, innovation, and productivity. This policy sets forth and outlines our organization’s commitment to creating an environment where all can thrive and contribute to the organization’s collective success.

Explorers’ Edge is responsible for:

  • Promoting a culture of respect and inclusion
  • Reviewing any barriers that are in place that work against diversity, equity and inclusion and implementing remedies and strategies to overcome these (further policies, training, and supports that are required)
  • Providing ongoing and continuous professional development and learning opportunities to employees as it relates to diversity, equality and inclusion
  • Encouraging applications for open positions within the company from persons of all backgrounds and providing accommodations at all stages of employment

Managers are responsible for providing an open line of communication so that any concerns or questions can be fielded, providing supports or accommodations when requested and where needed, and ensuring that staff feel comfortable and included.  Managers are also responsible for creating an environment where ideas and opinions are heard and acknowledged and being flexible on policies and procedures where required and as needed.

Employees are responsible for reviewing the policy in full as part of the onboarding process, and further are responsible for compliance with this policy during their employment with Explorers’ Edge.  Employees are also responsible for bringing any comments, questions, concerns, suggestions or issues to their manager or supervisor in a timely manner.   


Diversity: Refers to the presence of a wide range of human attributes including but not limited to: race, ethnicity, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and socioeconomic status.

Equality: Implies treating all individuals with fairness and respect, ensuring that every employee has equal access to opportunities and resources.

Inclusion: Involves actively creating a culture that values and embraces differences where all employees feel welcomed, respected, and empowered to participate fully.

Employment Practices – Hiring and Recruitment

Explorers’ Edge is committed to implementing fair and unbiased employment practices, including recruitment, hiring, career advancement, and career development opportunities. We will not tolerate discrimination of any sort.  We believe in hiring applicants based on their skills, knowledge and expertise as it pertains to the job responsibilities and duties.  Employment hiring and recruitment practices in place currently are as follows: 

  • Indicate on job postings that accommodations where requested and required throughout the employment hiring process will be made available
  • Ensure that the job postings for employment opportunities focus on the essential requirements for the position so as to not create any biases or barriers for those applying
  • Invite all applicants of all backgrounds to apply to any open position posted externally and ensure that the job is posted to multiple hiring platforms including those that target underrepresented groups

Workplace Environment, Supports and Onboarding

Explorers’ Edge aims to cultivate a positive and inclusive workplace, free from harassment, bullying, or any form of offensive behavior. Every employee is responsible for maintaining a respectful and supportive environment for their colleagues.  Workplace environment supports currently in place are as follows:

  • Use of first-person language whenever possible – “Person with a disability” versus “Disabled Person” and use of gender-neutral language, introducing yourself using the pronouns you would prefer to be addressed by
  • Gender neutral washroom and accessible entrance to office (ramp and elevator) for those employees with disabilities
  • Process by which any complaint or concern can be brought forth to manager and if required elevated or escalated appropriately
  • Training made available through various formats and mediums to raise awareness and increase knowledge in order to foster an inclusive environment for all
  • Encouraging operators, partners and other stakeholders to engage in and participate in diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Ensuring employees are protected against negative external interactions and will not be expected to interact in any circumstance that is considered non-compliant with this policy

This policy sets out the framework and expectations going forward and will be reviewed by management on an on-going basis and may be revised or updated to reflect our ongoing commitment to ensuring our workplace embraces diversity, equality, and inclusion.  Further, we will protect employees from retaliation for reporting any concerns or issues or participating in investigations related to diversity, equality, and inclusion matters.  We will communicate this policy to all employees, stakeholders, partners and board of directors ensuring its accessibility to everyone within the organization.  The policy will also be posted on our corporate website for further visibility.

Explorers’ Edge understands and respects the privacy and confidentiality of employee information that may be shared and exchanged with regards to this policy.  Any complaints brought forth will be kept strictly confidential and will be dealt with in the appropriate manner and through the appropriate channels and processes in place that currently exist.   

By embracing diversity, promoting equality, and fostering inclusion, we aim to create a workplace that celebrates the uniqueness of each individual and harnesses the collective strength of our diverse workforce.

Questions regarding this policy can be directed to James Murphy, CEO of Explorers’ Edge via email at [email protected]