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Great Blue Resorts owns and operates 10 private resort lakefront properties located throughout Ontario’s cottage country. These properties offer outright ownership of beautiful pre-manufactured seasonal recreational cottages. Our resorts have full facilities including community areas, swimming pools, splash pads, multi-sports courts, playgrounds and beaches.

The Front Desk Lead role is designed to ensure the Corporate Objectives of maximizing profitability and Owner, Guest & Staff happiness for their resort by following the 3V Philosophy of Visibility, Velocity and Value. The Front Desk Lead is a strong sales driver, profit focused and people oriented.

A Front Desk Lead should possess strong sales, time management and administrative skills with the ability to perform multiple revenue generating opportunities and providing resort support with potential owners, existing owners and rental guests.

The Front Desk Lead should possess the tools to effectively self-manage their revenue generation activities according to the minimum performance expectations, organize and provide detail administrative activities.

The Front Desk Lead role is to ensure the Corporate Objectives of maximizing profitability and Owner, Guest & Staff happiness of the resorts under his/her leadership, through high standards of service utilizing Survey scores and other tools as guidance. The Front Desk Lead achieves performance excellence through Profitability, Owner & Guest Happiness, People, Property and Administration.

Profitability is achieved through Revenue Generation, Expense Management and Administration.
1. Revenue Generation
Once Annual budgets are agreed, the Front Desk Lead’s responsibility will include but not be limited to the following activities for achieving profitability:
a. Performs activities to achieve profitability of park model sales, retail concessions, food and beverage, Aftersales, Add-ons, Dock Slips, Carefree, Maintenance Jobs and Rentals.
b. Achieves current year Fee collections, License of Occupation and Insurance collection status by April 15th equal to 100%. Following year Fee collections, License of Occupation and Insurance collection status by December 31st equal to 100%.
c. Complete Budgets by December.
d. Provides weekly revenue and operational overview reporting to the Executive Team
e. Meets with Controller monthly to review resort financials
f. Works closely with the Sales team to understand, communicate and execute marketing and communication strategy.
g. Execute and manage Committee Ideas to maximize profitability
2. Expense Management
The Front Desk Lead carefully manages expenses related to the cost of goods sold and operating expenses of the resort, within his/her control.
3. Administration
The Front Desk Lead is responsible for ensuring the accuracy and completion of all resort related financial and operational administration.

The Front Desk Lead is responsible for achieving Happiness of Owner, Guest & Staff through strategic people and property management.
1. People management
a. Happiness scores of 90%
b. Positive Social Media reviews
c. Thank You communications from Owners and Guests
d. 50% Seasonal Staff Retention
e. No negative feedback from Vendors and other parties working or visiting the resort
f. Overall positive staff environment
Property management
a. The Front Desk Lead must strive to deliver safe, clean and well-maintained resorts to our daily, weekly and seasonal owners and guests meeting Property Visit Survey Score expectations.
b. Works closely with the Development team to execute development plan.
c. Co-ordinate with siting teams, if required, to meet and exceed sales, development and new owner expectations.
d. 100% compliance with Health & Safety requirements.
Key Performance Indicators
1. House profit
2. Owner & Guest Survey Score
3. Property Visit Survey Score
4. District Performance
5. Overall Company Performance
6. Overall feedback from all stakeholders on an ongoing basis

Great Blue Resorts is committed to employment equity regardless of national or ethnic origin, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age or disability. Great Blue Resorts welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.

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