Updated April 2022

In 2018, EE undertook a massive Product Development Research & Framework study,
which determined that an ‘intangible gap’ for the organization, for the industry, and
for the natural product (the region’s main draw) is sustainability. Since that study was
released, sustainable development is no longer considered by mass populations as
a niche or “environmental” concept, but instead it is now universally acknowledged
as an important strategic approach that can help the region (and global industry)
to recover and thrive. Therefore, by infusing sustainability principles with solid
and innovative tourism business strategies, RTO12 will turn the ship once more to
entrench “regenerative tourism development” as the primary organizational direction
to ensure the survival, recovery and longevity of our regional industry.

The days of relying solely on “doubling receipts” or increasing visitation and spend
as measurements for success are done. Instead, implementing the RTO’s new “regioncentric approach,” our regenerative destination development strategy will feature
additional KPIs relevant to industry and organizational sustainability.

In 2021 Explorers’ Edge will embark on a new mission to become a leading Destination
Development Organization in Canada to create sustainability for all regional
stakeholders (including tourism SMEs, employees and residents) by implementing
initiatives that consider economic, social, cultural and environmental impact, in order
to ensure our communities will thrive well into the future and regardless of economic
or natural disasters (i.e. flooding, wildfires, etc.) that may occur.

Positioning ‘the business of tourism’ as a catalyst for recovery, rebuilding
and renewed prosperity for all community stakeholders, Explorers’ Edge
will seek to steward the regional industry towards greater empowerment
and far better days, for the long-term benefit of all.

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