Cottage Country Spirit – Winter 2022

RTO12’s “Cottage Country Spirit Local Travel Package – Winter 2022” will help support the Canadian tourism industry to recover from the negative impact of Covid-19 by providing some incentives for permanent and seasonal household residents ONLY in the Explorers’ Edge catchment (who in this document we sometimes call ‘local guests’) to book an experience (attractions, shops, restaurants, events) or overnight accommodation with you. 

Specifically, the incentive refers to 5 x $10 Experience Vouchers to be used by the local guest “same as cash” and honoured by participating Accommodation and/or Experience Providers. Your customers get these $50 worth of Vouchers by registering for one of 1500 available packages (limited number of packages available) on the Great Canadian Wilderness website during the program promotion.

Each Voucher is a “one-time use” Voucher and may be used towards the cost of goods or services at participating Accommodation and/or Experience Providers locations between February 8, 2022 and March 28, 2022.

To participate in this program, please return this completed agreement to Erin Smit at Explorers’ Edge no later than January 26, 2022.

Email: [email protected]

Fax: (705) 243-0392

Mail: 3-1 Taylor Road, Bracebridge ON, P1L 1S6

Once the agreement is received Explorers’ Edge will send you a jpg or png of the Cottage Country Spirit Local Travel Package – Winter Edition logo for use in your marketing efforts.