Consumer Insight Research Study

Consumer Insight Research Presentation, October 10, 2012

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Additional Presentation: RTO Kick Off Meeting – TNS Presentation February 9, 2012

Program Overview 

  • The Consumer Insight Research will focus on determining best prospect target segments for Ontario and its regions
  • Ontario trip information will be collected to enable profiling travelers and trips by region

Methodology for Insight Research

  • Markets: Ontario, Quebec and Manitoba (estimated sample size 22,000)
  • North-Eastern U.S.:  from Washington DC to Wisconsin (estimated sample size 28,000)
  • Data collection using mail panel to ensure effective representation
  • Survey content would be the same for all markets
  • Final survey and report content will be determined in consultation with RTOs

Partner Value and Benefits

  • Participating RTOs will receive the following partnership benefits:
  • Regional Report complete with Executive Summary highlighting key findings
  • Detailed profile of best prospect travelers to region
  • Consultation with OTMPC research team – throughout the process
  • Presentation of research findings to RTO Board of Directors and/or Research Committee

Receive full access to entire database for ongoing and future analysis

  • NO regional level report will be produced for RTOs who choose not to participate